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Parents, Children and Adolescents


A new take on child and adolescent mental health

Conventional thinking and treatment around child and adolescent mental health often has a child focus. In line with over 50 years of Bowen Family Systems Theory research (see Research in Bowen Theory — The Bowen Center for the Study of the Family), we know that this approach does not work for a large number of families, and problems often persist, or children remain in therapy for many years. We believe an intervention should be time efficient, effective and last beyond time spent in therapy.

Therefore, the programs we offer are focused on working directly with parents.  They are designed for families of children with complex mental health issues, other emotional and/or behavioural struggles, across the diagnostic and age spectrums.

We help restore parent hope and confidence, through sharing new ideas and jointly discovering different ways parents can interact with their children to promote child growth and maturity.

We know more effective parent leaders, who are calmer and more thoughtful, can be the most valuable asset for their children's mental health and well-being.

Parent Hope Project

The Parent Hope Project is a research-backed,

6-8 session program, aimed at building independence and resilience in young people with complex problems by making a project out of the parent. 

Parent Confidence Project

The Parent Confidence Project is a similar program aimed at early intervention for parents who want to optimise the ways they interact and raise their children before problems become complex. 

We can happily organise a free telephone consult to discuss the program with you, for you to decide if it is right for your family. Simply reach out to us. 

For free resources and more information on the Parent Hope Project initiative, please visit

For fees, please check out our FAQ page, or contact us for more information.  

"It has been most useful to change focus from fixing problems to helping create independence"

PVE, father

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