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Working with Schools

We know parents have great relationships with their local schools. In order to facilitate easier access to the program, we are able to deliver the following programs in schools, tailored to individual school needs:

The Confident Parent Seminar Series

A 4-part educational seminar series that covers the principles of the Parent Hope/Confidence Project in an easier to access format. 

The Parent Confidence Project Intervention

A 6-session group intervention focused on early intervention and when problems are beginning. 

Please contact us to discuss how we can work with your school. 

We are aware of the magnitude of struggles faced by schools in managing problems such as:


 - School refusal

- Mental health (inc. anxiety and depression)

- Behavioural problems, friendship issues, bullying

We strongly believe that the program and its principles can be of significant assistance to promote growth and resilience in young people. In doing so, we support them to overcome the challenges of childhood and adolescence, ultimately reducing stress in the school system. 


We offer information sessions for school staff and can discuss collaboration and partnership opportunities.

If you would like to refer a parent/child to us, please complete the short referral form below.




Alternatively, give us a call and we can take the referral over the phone. 

School Programs
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